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bulimia no matter what it is a process that is temporary....

by teri
(washington pa)

I became extremely bloated after my bulImia and it got worse before it got better....and the hard part yet rewarding is to understand that the bloating is important and necessary in order for recovery to be possible. I used to think that if I purged then it would take the bloating away but it didn't....because it would always return when I would abstain from my bulimia. And that is ultimately what I wanted was to recover from my bulimia and not hurt myself anymore. So if you want to be free from your bulimia and abstain I feel it is important to seek medical help because that was what I did and it made the process easier to cope with and a dietician helped me to understand a healthy food plan and water which cause the bloating to go down slowly and in a healthy way which is important for recovery. Hang in there it is so worth your life life!

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