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Bulimia at 17

by Mitchell Nici
(New york city)

I always knew that I was chubby and the kids in school never made it easy for me to forget. I have a big fat Italian family so there was a lot of pasta, lots of cured meats and more. I first started to get bullied in forth grade for being a nerd. I was the smartest kid in all my class, I always have my hand raised for the teacher, always got a A on my test. I wore glasses had very curly brown hair, with a bad speech impediment because I'm from Italy and I lived there till I was eight. Then I moved to the U.S., where in school I got labeled as the spaghetti and meatballs kid. As I got older I was able to speak good English, but I still got bullied by others. So by freshman year of high school I started to go on a diet so I can at least get them off my back for my weight. Next thing I know I was binging and purging four times a day. I had lost about X pounds before my brother told our parents. My parents saw shame in me and I felt guilty too. So my bulimia became more aggressive and now I don't know what to do and all I want is help. I feel shame, pain and guilt in this illnesses I have.

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