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Bulimia and Sexual Abuse: 3 steps to recovery

Bulimia and sexual abuse are often closely linked. And although sexual abuse wasn't the cause of bulimia for me, it has been for many women that I have coached over the years.

Whether you have been sexually abused or not, the route to recovery is very similar...

Just like I did - you can discover a life that is beautiful beyond your wildest dreams :)

In this article I'm going to share 3 steps you can take to reach recovery - and how they relate to bulimia and sexual abuse.

1) Treat Yourself With Loving Kindness

Often people who suffer form bulimia treat themselves with cruelty...

You think that if you're hard enough on yourself - you'll change.

You think if you beat yourself up enough for bingeing and purging, you'll stop doing it.

The problem is that a lack of self kindness is what caused you to develop bulimia in the first place... And so it can not be part of the solution to recovering from bulimia.

There are many different reasons people begin treating themselves in unkind ways before developing bulimia... But if you have been abused, this could be a large part of the reason.

It's important to remember that although bad things have been done to you in the past - you are not a bad person...

You are a magnificent human being who deserves to stand up and take you place on this earth...

The world is a better place because of you - and there is a reason why you are here.

Part of recovering from bulimia will be treating yourself with love and kindness. This may mean reaching out for help and talking about your abuse. Often when we share our experiences, in time we're able to let them go. So precious soul - always know that you deserve to reach out for help.

You are worthy of all the support you need to overcome bulimia...

Allow love to guide you...

Listen to your loving inner voice - the voice that will always guide you in the direction of healing.

2) Nourish Your Precious Body

One of the most significant causes of binge eating is dieting... Restricting your body of the nourishment it needs to thrive.

As human beings we're designed to be fed... And when we don't feed ourselves, biology steps in and demands food - it does this in the form of binge urges.

The most basic act of self kindness is feeding your body. You deserve to be fed. You deserve to be healthy and strong. Doing this will help you live a life of abundance and joy.

Bulimia and sexual abuse are woven into one another through a thread of low self esteem. You always feel that you want to be better. The truth is gorgeous soul - YOU ARE ENOUGH - exactly as you are. You don't need to change your body. You don't need to diet or lose weight. You don't need to change at all.

Eliminating dieting from your life is a key step towards beating bulimia. It's a step that you owe to yourself and to the incredible future that lies ahead of you.

Structured eating can be a helpful stepping stone to make your transition back into nourishing your body and digesting your food.

3) Practice Makes Perfect!

At first, learning how to ride a bike feels like the most unnatural thing on earth... But with enough practice, you feel like you can ride happily to the end of the world and back again...

This is because each time you practice something, your brain develops neural connections (habits) which make it easier to repeat the action next time...

Practice enough and almost anything comes to feel natural...

It is the same with self kindness and normal eating. Practice them enough - and they will become automatic. You'll treat yourself with loving kindness and you'll be able to take or leave food. You'll be in balance - and that is a wonderful place to be!


Moving Forward With Your Bulimia Recovery

You deserve to recover from your past - from bulimia and sexual abuse - and move on with your future...

You deserve to squeeze every last bit of magnificence out of this life.

And you can...

But precious soul, please don't try do it by yourself

I know from experience that recovery is much easier when you're not trying to fight the war in alone in your head.

Reach out for help with bulimia. Talk about it. Get supported in recovery.

There are different directions you can take...

You can reach out to a loving friend or family member, you can explore my online recovery program and community or you could find a caring therapist. Do what is right for you - but always allow love to guide you.

Because love will heal all your wounds. Love will set you free.



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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