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Bulimia and pregnancy

by Jen

Hi Shaye!

This website has been crucial in helping me be in recovery for 3 weeks after 10 looooong years of suffering and hiding. Thank you. <3 I feel amazing.

There is no doubt that I have the resolve to put this behind me for good. You have answered every question I can imagine and so many that I never thought of, but one is still nagging me...

My husband and I are almost ready to try for our first child. I plan on waiting at least a year into my recovery, but will that be enough time? I'm 27 and don't want to wait much longer but can't bear the thought of harming my baby by reacting to my changing body with panic and falling into bulimia habits again. This has been a great motivation to recover. You haven't mentioned having children yourself, but I would appreciate your thoughts and anyone else's with experience.

I feel horrible thinking that I could harm my unborn child or even my growing children with my self-destructive habits, but I know how dangerous my bulimia has been in the past and need to be sure I can handle the stress and change.

I appreciate your help and support.

Shaye Says

Hi Jen!

Thanks for your encouraging comments about my site - I am so happy that it is making a big difference to your recovery!

Congratulations about taking action in your recovery... I can feel the excitement and hope in your message - and it's beautiful!

Nope, I have not had children myself yet (maybe in a few years time) But, my best friend - who also suffered from anorexia and bulimia is now 8 months pregnant - and getting ready to pop anytime soon! She has been very realistic about her body and her eating... She saw a nutritionist to help her figure out what to eat whilst pregnant - and is also accepting her weight gain as a natural part of pregnancy... She is very happy and very excited to meet her son!

I think your idea of giving yourself a year or so to fully recover before getting pregnant is great! I looked at my early phases of recovery as my time to be a little bit 'selfish' by putting myself and my recovery first... It is what I needed to do in order to be able to give to others in the future... And, I think it's the same with all bulimia sufferers - including you :)

When you do fall pregnant - make sure you have lots of loose flowing comfortable clothes that make you feel good. Also, keep on a structured eating plan if you feel you still need it and focus your time and energy on exciting things like babies room, pregnancy yoga, planning for the future and so on... Do these things - and I am sure you will get through your pregnancy very smoothly!

I hope this advice helps!

Keep in touch :)


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