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bulimia and my heart

by christina

Hey Shaye!

I've been bulimia free for almost five months and it feels amazing! This is the longest I've gone without b/p-ing since I was 12 and I'm now 20....

I do have a question for you that I have not been able to find the answer to anywhere.. I have a strange heart pain and I was wondering if this is because of all the years I've had bulimia? It's not my chest, I know it's my heart and I don't think it's because of how I eat. To help myself feel good about my body and what I'm eating I chose to be vegan. I don't eat any meat or dairy, I rarely consume gluten and I stay away from junk food. I LOVE the way I eat now. I am starting to feel good about food, I let myself eat mexican food when I go out with my boyfriend without feeling guilty after.. and I don't eat like a bird either haha. I'm at a very healthy weight, I'm active and I don't starve myself.

Ok so now that I've gone off about my diet, but I feel it's important to know how I eat and live to maybe tell me what's wrong with my heart? I get really random, sharp pains and I have to stop everything I'm doing till it goes away. It's not my chest, boob, or whatever else it could be on the left side of my chest. I can tell it's my heart. It scares me but I want to get advice from someone who knows what bulimia is like before I go to the doctors and have them tell me to drink more water or something stupid.

Your site is wonderful! I'm so happy I came across it. Thanks so much!

Shaye Says

Hi Christina,

Congratulations on 5 months - That is fantastic and I'm so happy and excited for you! I remember being where you are now and it's like the sun is beginning to shine :)

And... I remember the heart pains... Or at least, I thought they were heart pains... But, i'll be entirely honest and admit that I never go them checked out - I don't recommend this... If ever you're concerned about your heart, I'd say get it checked out - if for nothing other than peace of mind!

In hindsight I wonder if what I was actually feeling was some sort of heartburn or indigestion or something else... But it did feel very much 'in my heart' I just can't really think what it would be after living a healthy lifestyle for a number of months... I can't imagine that suddenly heart pains would start... BUT, I am not a doctor - so that's why I say - if you're concerned, please get it checked out! And... Once you have - please let me know - I am very interested!

I'm sorry I couldn't be more of a help - other than to say 'I had them too!'

Keep up your amazing work towards total recovery!


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