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Bulimia and Edema

by Ally

Hi Shaye!

So after a good week (no purging :) ) i have noticed a very noticeable swelling in my legs and ankles! Its the dreaded edema.. Did you experience this and how long before it disappeared? My trousers are tight and my thighs feel like they are going to rip my jeans apart.. I noticed that its stopping me from jogging as its quite painful.

Also, I am trying to reduce how many chillies I eat (seriously, I will eat them with ANYTHING!!- still maximum once a day though), how long were you eating them for before you felt you could do without?

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions :)

Ally X

Shaye Says

Hi there Ally!

CONGRATULATIONS on a week without purging!! You are doing so well in developing those new positive pathways in your brain! Keep going and in time it will become habit :)

I'm sorry to hear that you've got edema... It's not easy! But, just like the bloating, it is temporary - and it does go away! I didn't have it very badly, but I did have it enough to feel pain when I went for a jog...

Your edema would explain the weight you gained in the first week of recovery - as your body is full of fluid. As things normalise, it'll go away :)

I think I just gradually slowed down on the chillis after a month or so... I wasn't too worried about it though because chillis are healthy and I just thought of it a a little boost until my metabolism sped up. Of course, ideally it would be good to leave everything up to your natural biology... But, if you feel a few chillis will help you with your recovery - don't stress yourself out about it :)

I still eat a lot of chillis because I love spicy food... but now I eat them because I like the flavor and the heat... rather than their thermogenic effect! In fact, I probably still eat some chilli most days!

Keep up your awesome work Ally... I'm so excited for you and feel so lucky that I can hear the stories and experiences form your journey :)

Bye for now,

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