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bulimia and circulation

by amaris

My hands and lower legs and feet are constantly "numb" or asleep...

I've heard this is due to the imbalance of electrolytes (as is everything relating bulimia), but is this an early sign of blood clotting that could eventually lead to a heart attack?

Thanks for your help!

Shaye Says

Hi Amaris,

I remember my legs falling asleep often when I was suffering from bulimia... And, yes, it is definitely a sign that not all is well within your body...

Is it a sign that you will have a heart attack... Not necessarily... But, it's definitely worth getting your electrolyte levels checked out by your doctor. If they're low, he'll subscribe you some pills to take that will make you much more likely to avoid a bulimia related heart attack.

I am sorry I can't give you a yes or no answer here... It would be careless of me not to advise you to get yourself checked out...

Don't be embarrassed to tell your doctor about your bulimia... Just think about all the insane things doctors hear and see everyday... You have nothing to feel bad about.


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