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How My Bulimia Addiction Drove Me To Vomit In Front Of Everyone - And How I Recovered For Good!

I had a serious bulimia addiction. It was so bad that I couldn't go 2 hours without binging and purging. That's why a day out on my uncles boat spelt trouble.

Our relatives from Zimbabwe had finally come to live in New Zealand. To celebrate our reunion we were going out for the day on my uncles boat. We'd leave in the morning and fish, eat and drink until dusk...

That all sounded wonderful... but there was one issue ringing alarm bells in my head. What about a toilet?

We'll pee into the sea. Simple. Suggested my mom.

Behind my agreeing smile I was worried... Where on earth would I throw up though?

It was a beautiful sunny day and the ocean was as still as a pond. We were reeling in fish galore and everyone was having a great time. Everyone except me...

Me (4th from left) finally bulimia free
spending happier times with my family :)

I was sitting in the cabin, chowing down as much as I could without being noticed. I knew there was no toilet to vomit up in... But my bulimia addiction pushed that to the back of my mind and said E-A-T.

My stomach was now bulging from all the food I'd eaten. I felt sick and couldn't enjoy myself. My bulimia purge was inevitable... So, I plotted my plan...

Clutching my tummy I staggered from the cabin, dashed to the side of the boat and spewed my guts out in front of everyone.

In between vomiting I gasped and explained how sea sick I was.

'Poor thing' my aunty said... 'No wonder you have been quiet in the cabin all day...'

I felt so ashamed... I felt like a pathetic bulimic girl...

But I felt relief...

My Bulimia Addiction ruled my life...

I had a bulimia addiction for more than 10 years... Over that time, it ruled my life.

I felt no hope that I would ever recover from this illness... I had tried to stop cold turkey hundreds of times... I'd normally only last until 10am before the urge to binge won.

Each day I'd tell myself that tomorrow would be different. But, the tomorrows were all the same... Until one day...

Something was different. I felt it inside... There was a burning desire for bulimia recovery. I needed it, I couldn't live my life in the hell of bulimia!

A year later - I was bulimia free. My decade long ordeal had come to an end.

Finally... I was healthy and happy.

The Secret to Recovering from bulimia

There were 6 essential steps that helped me recover from my bulimia addiction.

They were steps that took many months to master... But they healed my addiction to food, my terrible self image and my depression... By following these steps, I was able to end bulimia for good!

The steps I took to beat bulimia were:

  1. Learning what to expect in my bulimia recovery (so that there were as few surprises as possible!)
  2. Gaining all the knowledge I could on the most effective bulimia recovery methods
  3. Starting structured eating (in short this is 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day)
  4. Discovering coping strategies to help me through the rough times in recovery
  5. Changing the way I think - from self loathing to self love
  6. Healing my metabolism using food and exercise

In fact, those 6 steps were so KEY in my recovery that they make up a large part of the successful bulimia recovery program I run. To learn more about my online program and recovery community, click here.

I have been healthy, happy and bulimia free for nearly 7 years now... And, I promise - you can be the same!




Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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