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bulemia teeth repair?

I am very worried about my teeth and how quickly I have noticed a change in them.

I purge 20+ times a day, but I also chew and sometime swallow my food again repeatedly which I know is probably worse for my teeth than just throwing up.

My teeth are chipping tiny bits off the edges and have become very smooth and discolored. My gums are also receeding and I am not sure if this is common or what can be done. I have searched online for help but you see so much information it can be overwhelming, and a lot of it is extreme enamel loss cases which I am not yet at, but will be if I cannot beat my bulimia.

Is there anything I can do other than mouthwash and brushing to help stop the erosion?

Also, what kind of treatments are there for repairing the damage already done - and how much does that cost.

I want to hear from people who have experienced the beginning stages of bulemia teeth and what can be done to slow down the process while combating the disease.



Shaye Says

Hi there!

Bulimia teeth can be such a worrying and stressful part of bulimia... I remember sleepless nights wondering how I was going to get the money together to fix my teeth - and wondering if there was any point as I felt so far from beating bulimia...

My bulimia teeth got pretty bad...Thankfully I had been saving for many of my teenage years (for a house!!) so I had the $6000 in my bank account that I needed to fix me teeth. Since then I have spent an additional $2000-$3000 about. My teeth look good now - but it's been one heck of a journey!

The good thing about teeth is that you can fix them... If you can get the funds together. But, the honest truth is the only way to truly avoid getting bulimia teeth or letting them get any worse is to recover... Which may seem like a daunting undertaking now - but i promise you, it is possible. I was 15+ a day binge/purger and also re-ate (which is really, really bad for your teeth!) and I managed to recover... So I know you can too. It might seem hard to believe sometimes - I used to feel the same.

To help slow down the destruction to your teeth, there are a few things that you can do to help...

Don't brush your teeth after vomiting - this scratches even more of the protective coating off your teeth... Instead, just rinse your mouth with water really well.

of course, try try to limit your vomiting... But, in the early stages of recovery, I know this is hard... So, try to get all your purging done at once, then, rinse your mouth and distract yourself. Basically, the fewer times you can throw up the better.

Lastly, try to eliminate 're-eating' when you throw up in your mouth, the food is full of stomach acids. When you chew that food up again, it drives the acid into all the nooks and crannies of your teeth. If you do notice that you do this - even by mistake - rinse your mouth out.

Brush your teeth 3 times a day and try to make it at least and hour before or after bingeing/purging.

To repair the damage already done, you'll need to visit the dentist. This can be really scary and I remember feeling so nervous that the dentist would suspect I was bulimic. He never said anything - but I am sure he must have known. Although, being a dentist - I am sure he sees that sort of thing all the time.

You'll probably require quite a few fillings and maybe even some root canals... I have had 20 something fillings and I think it's 8 root canals and crowns. My front two teeth are fake too! But... it's okay because they look completely real and they look nice :)

I think in New Zealand fillings are about NZ$150 and root canals are around $1200 for the canal and for the crown. Not cheap - but you can always get them done gradually in time... Starting with the most urgent.

Receding gums can be caused by poor nutrition and also gum disease... Bulimics get receding gums normally because of a mixture of those two things. To stop your gums from receding even more, you'll need to follow the tips above (the ones to protect your teeth) and also try to eat and keep down as many nutritious foods as you can. If your gums get really bad - they can be repaired by a dentist surgeon - although, again I'd wait until you have recovered if money is an issue!

I hope this info is helpful... You might be feeling frustrated that I couldn't give you better tips on how to stop gum and tooth decay in their tracks... Unfortunately, I learnt that recovery is the only way to guarantee that.

I hope that you find the strength deep within you to start on the exciting journey of recovery... It's a difficult (but exciting) journey - But one that you will never regret!


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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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