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Buh bye Mia

by Natasha
(Louisiana )

I don't know what I'm doing with my life. It started as anorexia at an extremely young age and after countless hospitalizations it morphed into bulimia brought on by food sensitivities. I am a first year college student and I am going to break this cycle. So many times I go out to dinner with friends and come back and purge and go out on my own, scavenging for food like someone from a third world country. I'm disgusted with myself because all of what you describe is nothing new to me. Your story is an inspiration and I am pledging to quit bulimia cold turkey and continue the healthy vegan lifestyle that I once had!!! GOODBYE MIA!

Shaye Says

Hi Natasha :)

Thank you for sharing your story and I'm excited to hear that you're motivated to start your recovery!

When I read that you were pledging to quit bulimia cold turkey and go to a healthy vegan lifestyle - I have to admit I saw relapse after relapse in your future. I saw a long struggle ahead of you where bulimia wouldn't budge.

The reason for this is that your strategy for recovery is much like the strategy I used to try and use (and it used to fail me every single time!). It's too rigid and I can see the possibility of lots of self abuse. When you say a "healthy vegan lifestyle" it's just too similar to dieting, which is part of what made you bulimic in the first place. Dieting - and of course anorexia - trigger a biological response called primal hunger which leads on to binge eating. You can find out more about primal hunger here.

The awesome news is that you're motivated and you want to beat bulimia! My only advice is to follow a plan and strategy that is proven to work. More dieting and more rigidity isn't it. In my online Recovery Program I share the 3 steps that I personally know to work. Click this link to read more about it You'll learn about eliminating primal hunger, developing a loving and kind relationship with yourself and re-wiring your brain back into normal eating habits :)

I wish you all the best beautiful girl - you deserve a full and beautiful life!


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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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