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B/p once every 2 weeks mean quicker recovery?

Hey, I'm currently in day 4 of my recovery and I'm bloated as hell, I've gained about 4 lbs. I have been on and off bulimic for about 3 years. I was anorexic for about 8 months before this. I have been on a restrictive diet (practically no fat) for the last 1.5 years - totally stupid I know, but really want to get help before I go to university in mid September. Because I stuck to my diet, I was probably only binging and purging once every 2 weeks. I was wondering if this means I will reach my natural weight sooner. I was also wondering what your natural weight is and how tall are you? Thanks x

Shaye Says

Hi there :)

I know the bulimia recovery bloat you're talking about all too well! I can relate to feeling bloated as hell! It's not easy... In fact it's bloody hard!! BUT... I swear to God, it is something that you can push through - and it is temporary! My bloating lasted around 2 months, with the first month being by far the worst.

Gaining weigh tin the early parts of recovery is very normal... But, I promise you, most of this weight is water. Your cells are rehydrating and your body is healing. I gained around 11 pounds in my first week of recovery!! You can imagine my terror! But, now, I understand that it was my body healing...

Everybody reaches their natural weight after different amounts of time... For me... My weight quickly rose about 12-15 pounds and then over the following months I dropped off a few of those pounds (without trying - dieting is a no no!) My weight settled at about 10-12 pounds above my bulimic weight. I must stress that everybody is different - I was not overly 'thin' so I didn't have to gain a large amount of body fat to reach my natural weight.

I don't really like talking about weight on this site as it makes people compare themselves to that weight... And, everybody is so different - we have different bone densities, different builds and so on - which effects weight dramatically... But I will say that I am now a very normal/slim weight for my height. I feel better about my body now than I ever did when I was bulimic... Even though I weight 10-12 pounds more! I eat well, in fact, I eat quite a lot - but my weight is stable and doesn't bounce around. I have definitely reached my natural weight range.

Keep pushing ahead - and you will settle at yours too :) Just remember to stay away from dieting as it simply does not work long term... It will just bring you back to bulimia.

Keep up your awesome work!


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