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bordem triggers binges??

by Shantz
(South Africa)

Hi Shaye,

I just have a tiny question to ask, can bordem trigger a b/p cycle?? I've been trying to recover for over a year now. And never made it through more then 1 meal without throwing up. I'd classify myself as a huge binge/purger and I'm sick of myself now:( I just want to eat n think of food like a normal sane person!! I'm tired of always thinking about food. I've started looking at what triggers my binges, and I conclude that emotions might play a tiny role but often I'll be sitting bored when a binge starts and I would distract myself but I'm at such a low point I don't enjoy anything! Bulimia has completely taken over n I'm defined by it, I don't have hobbies or interests because this is my life and I'm sick of it:( I want to be a fun person, I want to enjoy doing stuff without obsessing over food. I want to know who I am because I feel like I don't have a personality anymore. Help me:(

Shaye Says

Hi Shantz!

I was inexactly the same boat as you abut 6 years ago... I thought if I don't have bulimia - what will I have!? I felt as though I had no personality and I believed that nothing was as good as food... I was not interested in much besides b/p...

As I began my recovery though, slowly, beneath all the layers of bulimia - I began to emerge. I was still there!!! I had a personality, I had interests and I had a sense of humor! It was awesome to discover myself again :)

I honestly believe that the binge/purge cycle is often caused by something called primal hunger... I think this is especially true when you genuinely can't find an emotional cause for your eating...

I talk about primal hunger a lot in The Bulimia Recovery Programs guide...

To cut it short primal hunger is often triggered by dieting and the desire to diet... or, it can be triggered by famine... Our bodies do not know the difference between these things...

Once we have restricted our food (or have intentions of restricting it) primal hunger can set in - and it makes food the primary focus of your mind... Our bodies have evolved to seek out food in times of food shortages... This keeps us thriving on this beautiful planet... What evolution didn't bank on is that one day humans would intentionally restrict food - and this can really throw a spanner in the works... Intentional restriction of food can bite you in the bum by creating an insatiable urge to eat everything in sight...

The only way to get rid of primal hunger is to allow yourself to eat again... And that's why I recommend structured eating (3 meals and 3 snacks a day) so strongly.

I am happy to chat more about this if you think it might be what is happening with you... Or else, you can read all about it in The Bulimia recovery Program's guide - as I mentioned before.

There is even an incredible study I talk about in the guide where healthy adult men develop binge eating disorders - and even bulimia - after going on a restrictive diet for 6 months! Amazing! Never underestimate primal hunger!

Speak soon I am sure!


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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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