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Body spray and white powder on the carpet..

by brit

When I would purge, I'd do it in my room because my parents were always careful whenever I'd go to the bathroom since they heard me one time in there. So I'd wait till they were in the living room to do it in my bedroom. Some bulimics might use a throw-away container or paper cup, in my case, to throw up in. On some purges, (this is really gross) my vomit would spray out and miss the cup, so it would land all over the floor and leave wet spots that would stink after a few days. So I'd try to cover it up with body spray that I sprayed liberally. The smell of strong perfume or mixes of body spray is a good indicator of vomiting, especially if the room still looks like a mess, yet it smells good and fruity. But it doesn't take the odor away forever, so I did some research and found that baking soda helps lift the smell out of the carpet. So if you see someone vacuuming their room just out of the blue, and there's hints of white powder on the floor, that's a pretty huge indicator that there's been purging going on.

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