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blood noses more often than usual

by Shiloh

I'm bulimic and iv been getting blood noses as I vomit, often quite heavy or with a massive blood clot that comes out with the toilet paper once it has stopped. also, sores and pimples around the mouth area as others have said, long showers, use of lots of plastic bags or containers (I take about three or four bags layered inside each other into my room if I can't use the shower or if I feel I need to vomit more after the shower), tired looking, weak, more gaunt face or baggier clothes if they are losing weight from it, smelly breath or dirty/yellow teeth, a smellier than usual toilet, bathroom or kitchen sink. I go out wth friends lots because they don't tend to care or notice if u eat or not, and u can just spend all your time getting ready and then tell people you'll eat while you're out, and then spend longer in the toilet in the clubs and laugh when you come out and say sorry I was doing my hair or snorting some E. spending lots of time alone. hope this helps guys.

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