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Bulimia and Blood in Vomit: What Causes it and is it Serious?

Me at the age of about 17,
my face swollen from bulimia.

Blood in vomit is just one of the unfortunate complications of bulimia.

When I was suffering from bulimia, I remember getting small amounts of blood in my vomit...

I was too embarrassed to go and see a doctor - so I never got medical attention for it.

Luckily I managed to recover from bulimia and get my healthy body back...

But not everyone is that lucky and that's why if you're experiencing blood in your vomit, I'd definitely suggest seeing your doctor...

Please don't make the mistake I made and let the shame you feel stop you!

In bulimia sufferers, the most common cause of blood in vomit is from Mallory Weiss tears. These are tears in the lining of your esophagus...

They're caused by forced vomiting. You know the pressure you feel in your esophagus and stomach when you are forcing yourself to throw up? Yip, that's the pressure that can cause the tears...

Normally Mallory Weiss tears are not life threatening and I think the blood in my vomit when I was bulimic was probably caused by these small tears. These tears normally heal if they are given time and a bit of relief from purging...

In more severe cases, Mallory Weiss tears are serious... They can lead to full thickness tears which can be life threatening. Sometimes there are no other obvious signs that you have a tear, or how bad it is. Because of this, it's best to get your doctor to check you out if you notice any blood in your vomit...

Please don't be shy to open up to your doctor... I was always so embarrassed and ashamed, but now that I have recovered from bulimia, I can truly see that I had nothing to be ashamed of...

I was a great person - who had a problem. You're no different.

In fact, there have been a few girls in The Bulimia Recovery Community comment that they have had blood in their vomit... Some of them even went to A&E to get it checked out. There is a forum in the program dedicated to this topic, so it's definitely a common concern! (The Bulimia Recovery Community is part of the successful online Recovery Program that I run - to learn more about it click here.)

Please remember - you deserve help and you deserve bulimia recovery... For peace of mind, try to get any health concerns related to bulimia checked out.



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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