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Bloating pain/urge to fight back the splurging and evil cycle

I never realized I was bulimic until this past year. In the past years I would over eat
On occasions and binge eat but in the back of my mind it was ok to throw up every now and then
Because I was full. Well I kept telling myself that and would go on random diets. Diets that I would eat super healthy or diets that I would barely eat at all. I started worrying way to much about weight that I would binge eat a lot because I was so hungry. The only good thing I was getting out of it all was how much I workout at the gym (at least twice a day) but my body wasn't getting the right nutrition. So this past 5 months I have been bulimic and binge eat like crazy because I'm worried about weight loss and what the bad foods will do to me. I'm a mother of a beautiful boy and decided I can't keep living the way of a bulimic person. Especially sense I'm the only one who knows I am this way and will fight it before it gets to bad. I still workout on a regular basis and love fitness but when it comes to food I can't control myself. I either don't eat, eat healthy for a few days, or completely binge eat till I throw it all up and I pass out. I'm pretty sure my body is in shock. I haven't splurged in 5 days and I feel I've accomplished something! And I want to keep moving forward! (I will keep moving forward!!) This bloating has taken a lot of getting use to and I hate bulging out of my jeans (its hurts) but I'm staying positive and know I'm on the right track!

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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