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Bloating and pain in my digestive system

by Monika
(Washington state)

I am working on recovering from Bulimia after 22 years and the biggest obstacle I'm having is the pain and bloating I am having from eating just a little food. It makes me wonder how I will ever be able to eat "normal" again. I know you have talked about bloating in your experience but how do you cope with this and does it ever get better?

Shaye Says

Hi Monika!

I'm sorry you are going through the bloating! I remember it all too well!! Luckily I can promise you that it will go away! It took about 2 months before I felt as though my bloating had more or less left me altogether. (although it did spring up again from time to time - but was never as bad!) Now I only get bloated as a result of my period - which is completely normal!

Try to get some probiotics asap and to add fermented foods (they help with bloating) into your meal plans...

I wrote an article about fermented foods a few weeks ago - have a read :) :

I found it helpful to remind myself over and over again "BLOATING IS TEMPORARY - RECOVERY IS FOREVER" maybe write it on the back of your hand or in your wallet to motivate you to push through this uncomfortable phase!

You are doing so well Monika - keep pushing forward!!

xx Shaye

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