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bloating and fluid retention in bulimia recovery

I was wondering if anyone has serious bloating and fluid retention (all over the body)? if so how long does this last? I am in recovery and have been on a structured eating plan for 4 weeks now.


Shaye Says

Hi there!

Congratulations on all the hard work you have been putting into recovery... You are doing so well :)

The bloating and water retention can be very challenging... but I promise it is temporary and will go away as you allow your body to heal. For me, the bloating was severe for at least one month... Then it improved a little. At 2 months it began to gradually improve again. It was a tough time, but I swear that it is worth pushing through!

With bloating and water retention, the only way out is through. Push through this time and allow your body to heal... It will happen if you give it the chance :)


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