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Bloated!!! I feel like I might explode!

by Anna


I am in treatment for my bulimia and have been a sufferer for about 11yrs. Gave treatment a try about 5 years ago but for the wrong reasons, I am finally knuckling down and kicking this illness.

Have to say the worst thing is the bloating I am experiencing the worst at the moment, it's true you do feel pregnant, fat, full, huge. Put on pair of my normal work trousers this morning and nearly couldn't do them up, mortified! It's like your worst nightmare of putting on weight happens in 24hrs when realistically it's just a side affect of recovery, to think of all the times I have felt like crap as a side affect of binging/purging but my mind has told me otherwise (that I have done a good thing). I have been told the bloating it goes away, this is what I am concentrating on whenever it gets too much. Yes you feel uncomfortable for about every waking minute but to go through this for a month and know that at the end of all the hard work will be a life without bulimia keeps me going.

To all of you other sufferers out there it may feel hopeless, hard work, the easy way out, normal but it feels a damn lot better than continuing the way we are. Its difficult to keep positive and a constant struggle everyday at this stage but I will RECOVER!!!!

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