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Bloated face!?

by Kay
(San Diego, ca, usa)

Why does my face feel bloated still? I have always been insecure of my chubby cheeks (which I know is a result of b/p). But, sometimes I even feel it is worse the morning after having a good day ( no b/p). What is up with that? & when will these cheeks disappear? Sometimes it triggers me, still working on not letting it.

Shaye Says

Hi Kay!

I totally understand how hard these physical effects of bulimia can be! I had them too and at times, I felt defeated by them... I just want to reassure you that our bodies are resilient... they are amazing... If we give them the chance to heal, they do. It may take a few weeks - even a few months of holding down your food and allowing it to nourish your body - but it will happen.


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