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bloated but determined!

by anon

I have been attempting recovery for about a month now. I am down from 5 - 6 purges a day to about 4 a week.

I haven't suffered from any bloating but then on Friday just gone I went totally off the wagon and b/p 6 times.

Since then I haven't done it again and have stuck to my meal plan, I even substituted a cereal bar snack for 2 slices of toast because I was extra hungry.

However now, tonight, I am huge! My belly is rock hard and if I relax it then I look about 6 months gone (doesn't help I had a baby 2 years ago so have gone straight back to bump shape!)

I don't know why the bloating has kicked in this time, I managed to go a week without purging 3 weeks ago and there was no bloating at all.

Feeling quite discouraged but also proud that I am sticking it out. When I saw the bloat I grabbed my laptop and started to place a pizza order because I thought 'what's the point?'
But then I remembered what it is, literally slammed my laptop shut and said 'no! I am not going to do this' (ok,I may have shouted it, sorry neighbours!)

So my point being, bloating is awful and I wish I knew what is different this time. But this time next year? No bloating and no panic when my friends plan summer bbqs because I know I will have got myself well!

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