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Binging Relapse

by Nat

Hi Shaye,

I had mild anorexia, which turned into binge eating and in turn bulimia. It all started about 2 years ago now and after a 4 month trip overseas and a lot of hard work I slowly started realising I needed to love myself and stop thinking that being a certain size will make me happy. I'm at a weight now where I am happy and I exercise regularly but not obsessively. There's just one problem now, the binging is starting again. It was once or twice a week, now it is nearly every day and I have purged about 2-3 times a week. I hate this feeling and want to figure out why I'm falling backwards. I'm happy with my body but can't not give in to chocolates and sweets 24/7. It's like I can't cope without it.

How did you pick yourself up and deal with a relapse?


Shaye Says

Hi Jenna,

Thanks for your message! Wow, it sounds like you have come a long way in your recovery! Don't let this little set back allow you to forget it :)

You need to take a step back from everything and breathe... Look at your life and look to see if there is any new stress that might be causing you to want to binge? Has there been any big changes in your life recently? All these things can make it easier to slip back into past habits...

It could even be something completely different... Have you been restricting your food a little lately, or dieting? This send messages to the brain saying "Famine is coming so eat what you can now!"

What I would recommend is to start eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. I wrote about the importance of this in my last newsletter which you can read here:

This will make sure that you feel satisfied and don't feel as though you're being restricted. Also allow yourself to have a fun food each day... something that's tasty... a few pieces of chocolate for example... If you feel the need to keep going beyond what's natural - try brushing your teeth and then distracting yourself.

I hope this advice helps! remember that you have come so far in this journey - and once you overcome this relapse you will be so much stronger still!

Keep in touch!


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