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Binging in recovery after 11 months

by Jenny

I am 28 and have been purge-free for over 11 months. I struggled with bulimia for 4 years before going to an out patient treatment center and still see therapists from my treatment team. The road to recovery has been hard. I've made a commitment to myself that purging is not an option, but find that I still struggle from time to time with binging. Even though I am finding other healthy ways to cope with stress, I occasionally slip up with binging. I feel that all-or-nothing mentality kick in and I feel like I cannot undo what I have done. I just so badly want to be at a place where I can feel confident about my body because I know how well I am taking care of it. It's hard to feel totally confident when I know that I am struggling with food still. I am eating a structured eating plan, but feel I succumb to emotional eating when I'm upset or lonely. How do I break the cycle so that I can live my life and feel better connected to my body?

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