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Binging because of Stress

by Renz
(Torrance Ca)

Hello my name is Renz and I've been binge eating for a couple of weeks now. I usually eat normally and would be able to stop myself from eating too much food. But I've been handling a lot of stress lately because of:

1. Parents. Both my Mom and Dad constantly argues and the main problem would be my own mother cause she does not listen or care for her children. I keep telling my dad to just let go of her because it's also affecting his health dramatically.

2. My Dad. Since he has been having a lot of arguments and carrying a lot of burden for the family his health is going downhill. He has an irregular heart beat that scares me because lately (like I said above) he has been having a hard time with my mother. So I'm scared and stressed when I see that he is having a difficult time breathing.

3. Work & School. I've recently just got into my parents business that they do. I absolutely love it because we will have our own office soon this coming April or May 2013. But my main concern is I have so much to do. For example: I need to do power point presentations, following up on people, filing, and all a business needs. Even if I like being busy I myself starts to think that I need to do this and that and constantly in my head I am sometimes coming in to a full STOP because I cannot handle it. Then to top that I have a college assignments that I need to do. I know time management is the key to my problem on this one, but it has been really difficult.

4. Self Love. Since I started binge eating I have seen my body get heavier and heavier. It is not that I'm too heavy but I've built up chunks of fat. So after I eat I feel bad about eating then I eat again to take away the pain and this cycle goes on for an hour. Then I beat myself up more about it because I can say to stop in my head but I don't do it.

That is why I'm constantly going back and forth and on and on about binge eating and I can't help myself no more. I know I need time to relax... Relax is the key word in all this. Maybe I just need to go to a park and just meditate for an hour... I'm stuck.

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