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Binging Babysitter

by Emily
(London, UK)

YES I KNOW!! I'm so embarrassed, ok here it goes.
As soon as the parents had gone and the kids were in bed, I couldn't resist what they had in the house.
Ice cream, peanut butter, cakes, biscuits, crisps, chocolate bars, I ate a noticeably large amount.
So, (and this is the worst), I left the house to buy and replace the food I'd stuffed my face with. The kids were alone in bed in the house for half an hour.
When the parents returned I was halfway through unpacking the food. They stood there and looked at me out of confusion, I brushed it off as I was 'tidying up the food they left out'. No doubt they were extremely suspicious....don't think they'll be calling me back anytime soon!
I'm over the shame, now it's more of a funny story, although my problem is very much part of my life, and I don't see it leaving anytime soon.
I'm constantly around that sort of food that I have learnt to eat only in massive quantities. My mum refuses to stop buying the junk because it's not fair on my younger bro and sis who like it. If I can't get a break from it, how can I even begin to think about health and recovery??
One day at a time right?

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