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How I Stopped binging and purging - and how you can stop too!

Hey Shaye!

This site has pulled me to the longest road of no binging and purging than what I have ever accomplished. Thank you. Reading your bulimia story and other people's stories give me so much hope and I feel as if I gained friends who can understand my disease through this site. Thank you, you are a wonderful person.

In my recovery, I am finding it hard to get back onto a normal eating pattern...

I will eat really well for like two days and totally lose it for about three days. 'Totally losing it' doesn't mean I binge for three days, it just means that I eat way too much and the complete wrong foods. I've been eating big portions but not what I consider a binge.

During my recovery, it is really hard for me to stop eating the wrong foods once I start. I have been so tempted to binge over the past few days but I have refrained. I ate so much yesterday that I was sitting in front of the toilet but I somehow talked myself out of it! That is an awesome step that I beat bulimia in the crucial moment..that has NEVER happened!

It has been almost three weeks since I have thrown up but I'm worrying that if I don't get the healthy lifestyle down, I'll resort back to binging and purging.

What motivated you to be consistent in your healthy lifestyle?

What helped you avoid eating so much when you were at a family gathering or just out with your friends?


Shaye Says...

Hi Allie!

Early on in my own bulimia recovery - I found I had the same problem... I'd be doing well for a few days and then slip off the road for a few days - binging and purging like there was no tomorrow!

It was so frustrating...

I'd be feeling good about my progress and then BANG... I'd feel like I was thrown back 500 meters!

But, as I worked away at my bulimia recovery I discovered something that really helped me push through the overeating and eventually the purging too...

I allowed myself to eat yummy foods!

Instead of binging and purging on foods I considered 'wrong' or 'bad'... I allowed myself these foods in small quantities each day.

I renamed them in my head from 'wrong' foods to 'yummy' foods... I decided that all food was simply energy and none was wrong nor right!

I decided to honor my health by eating mostly nutritious foods - but I decided to honor my taste buds by eating yummy food every day too!

In fact, for the first month of my binge and purge free life - I had a small chocolate bar every single night!

I found that by doing this - I didn't feel as deprived and it was much easier to fight the urge to overeat.

This is step is so important that I even dedicate a chapter of my Bulimia Recovery Guide to it! (This guide is part of the successful online bulimia recovery program and community which I run - you can learn more about it by clicking here.)

When I went out to family gatherings or parties, I decided to have a medium sized plate of whatever I wanted - rather than a large plate of healthy 'good' foods...

I remember once having a plate of bacon and maple syrup! It wasn't a big plate - but it was exactly what I felt like. After eating it I felt no more desire to go back to the buffet and I spent the rest of the evening enjoying time with my friends socializing...

If I'd eaten 1/2 a plate of broccoli and some chicken... Chances are I would have kept going back until I'd let myself have that bacon!

I know the urge to overeat in the first few months of recovery can be very frustrating... But I promise you, if you keep putting one foot in front of the other and pushing forward with recovery - it will go away!

Eventually, your subconscious will realize it doesn't need to overeat any more - and this is when binging and purging will well and truly become a memory... Not something you need to fight every day.

It WILL happen Allie... Your bulimia recovery is just matter of time and persistence :)

Keep up your awesome work!




Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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