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binging after anorexia, sick of it :(

I just recently recovered from anorexia, and i have been binging every day for the past 3 weeks. I went from consuming 800 calories per day to around 2,000. I eat when I'm not hungry, usually when im bored or doing homework. I have gained aorund X pounds these past weeks, and i miss being thin :( i think i binge because of pressure in school, pressure to look good for guys, and because i am disgusted with how much i have been eating and how much weight ive gained. Ive been trying to recover and start eating 1,200 calories per day, but i always end up binging on unhealthy fatty foods that i could never eat when i was anorexic. Every day i consider throwing up, but stop myself, for i know that will only lead to more binging, Thank you so much for reading, and i hope to get some responses to help me recover.

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