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bingeing/purging when you feel like you have no control

by cat
(Byers, Co)

My daughter has suffer from bulimia in the past but has not had an issue with it for over 4 years.

She is now married and they recently moved overseas where she does not know anyone and a lot of the people are not English speaking...

She is now starting to have the binging/purging behaviors and she also said she feel like she has no control over anything except her weight and her child.

What are some of the emotional triggers for eating disorders?

Shaye Says

Hi there,

Many people who have suffered from eating disorders are vulnerable to slipping back during times of stress or change...

It's just like somebody who suffers from alcohol, anger, depression etc to handle change... Bulimics can turn back to restrictive behaviors which then leads onto the binge/purge.

The key would be for your daughter to find some balance in her life again... To start doing things she enjoys and that are just for her... Maybe joining an ex-pat club, or an engligh speaking activities group... Starting some sort of class... Perhaps learning the language of the country she now lives in... Something that empowers and interests her.

Anorexia/bulimia can be an early warning sign that all is not right in your life. It simply means you need to take a close look at what you can do to find more balance and happiness.

I hope this helps...


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