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binge eating help: Shaye's Top Tip to Prevent a Binge

Rushing to the pantry, I prayed for some binge eating help to arrive at the doorstep of my mind. I knew this was not good. These massive binge urges had plagued me all afternoon and I just wanted to eat.

Staring in the fridge, I was about to make my decision: To binge or not to binge...

Everything in my body and mind felt like it was saying EAT...

Everything except for a quiet little voice that said "Binging won't fix it".

I knew that voice was right - binging could not fix it. Binging could not fix anything.

And so I made the decision to run away from the binge...

To get out of the house - away from the fridge, away from the pantry.

I made the decision to put distance between me and the food.

I ran out the front door of my parents house, down the street, and into the park.

Yes, the binge urges had followed me, but as I walked briskly in the fresh outdoors with the green grass soft beneath my feet, the urges did begin to subside...

I could breath again. I was feeling better.

I realized something powerful that day...

When a binge urge strikes, get outside!

I used this technique time and time again in my bulimia recovery. I'd bolt out of that front door like a bat out of hell! I would rush down to the park, catch my breath and return to a place where I was in control.

Getting out of the house was my last resort. When I felt like the pantry was screaming my name and I was about to give in - outdoors I would go.

Getting outdoors is excellent binge eating help for two reasons...

1) It enabled me to put distance between me and the food, which gave me time and space to think about the situation and if binging was really what I waned to do.

2) It enabled me to clear my energy. Sometimes sitting around in the house causes a stifled and blocked energy - which can lead to binge eating. An energy clear is so helpful and getting outdoors does just that. The wind, rain, snow or sunshine reminds you that you're a living, breathing human being, worthy of recovery. Getting outside almost always helps to clear a negative energy and replaces it with an energy that is peaceful.

Never Underestimate Mother Nature!

So precious one - never underestimate the power mother nature has to clear your energy... Never underestimate it's ability to heal.

Reconnect with this beautiful planet by breathing in the fresh air, allowing the rain to fall on your face, basking in the sunshine, becoming invigorated by the wind - and all the other joys our mother has to offer.

Try to get some level of nature into every single day. This may be some of the best binge eating help you can get. Reconnecting to our beautiful planet helps bring us back to the bigger picture...

It reminds us that there is so much more to life than bulimia, out bodies and binge eating.

This planet is beautiful. Life is beautiful. YOU are beautiful.


Additional bulimia and Binge Eating Help


1) Make Sure You Nourish Yourself Well Throughout the Day. A body that does not get enough food will always produce binge urges. More about this here.

2) Eat Tasty Food! When you are not satisfied with the quality of your food, it's only natural to go in search of more.

3) Allow Yourself To Feel Your Feelings. Pushing down your feelings with food only ever results in suffering. Allow yourself to feel your emotions - I promise you can survive them :)

4) Learn Healthy Ways to Relax. Using food to relax only ever makes you drained and unhappy in the long run. Explore ways to relax that are nourishing to your body and soul.

5) Love Yourself. Love yourself no-matter what.. And if all else fails, love yourself some more. Love has the power to heal all wounds - and love can help you stop binge eating. A lack of self love is the number 1 trigger for bulimia - find out more about this here. Almost every single day I hear women in my online Bulimia Recovery Program and Community saying that learning self love is changing their lives.



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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