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Beware of artificial sweeteners and foods that contain them causing diareah which leads to lazy bowel

by Sonya Lynn Moran
(Bowling Green, KY)

I would like your readers to be aware that artificial sweeteners can cause severe diarrhea and then lead to lazy bowel. Before I began replacing sugar in my morning coffee with the artificial sweetener,Splenda,(see info on the web about the class action lawsuit against Splenda.) to try to lose a few pounds, I was as "regular" as the morning sunrise. After I started using Splenda; however, I would have loose bowels right after drinking my 2 mugs of coffee. Since this was happening after my morning coffee I decided that perhaps I was drinking too much coffee so I cut my coffee consumption in half and now drink 2 cups or less than 16 oz each day not having any idea that the artificial sweetener could be to blame. This helped; however, instead of having to run to the restroom right after drinking my morning coffee, I began having terrible cramps. It was as if I was in a "tug of war" and somehow the large rope was around my waist and both sides were pulling as hard as they could! Grasping for relief I would take Gas Ex which would send me running to the restroom with diarrhea. I had asked my family physician about it and he basically said just treat the symptoms which I continued to do. Several months later when I saw him again and told him I was having the same problems, I was told I needed a colonoscopy and an appointment was made; however, before I had the test, I happened to see an episode of Dr. Oz in September of 2011 in which he said that artificial sweeteners can cause diarrhea. Dr. Oz also aired a show about Splenda in December of 2011. After viewing the September show I cut Splenda out of my diet. I had also developed a urinary tract infection probably a result of having so much diareah and after seven, yes seven, rounds of antibiotics and two, yes two cat scans, I was referred to see an OB/BYN and a Urologist who both then referred me to a Gastrointerologist who suggested I another x-ray and a colonoscopy before he could tell me definitively that I have lazy bowel. Although I haven't yet received a professional diagnosis that I have a lazy bowel, I believe that I do and have already gotten some relief from following a plant based diet with very small amounts of chicken and turkey breast and I know all too well that if I eat a delicious steak or burger, I will have my bowel to pay.

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Author of
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