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Best friend who wishes me dead.....

by K

I don't feel that my bulimia has a name. I don't certainly call it ED which is common name for bulimia. I have never felt it is a male. I feel that is a female, my best friend - who wishes me dead!! I certainly have love-hate relationship with this best friend of mine. I know she is evil and she is making me unwell, but in times when I need comfort, to get rid of stress and anxiety or just that feeling of being completely full till I can't breath any more, she is here, eager to help me..... It has been this way for the last 16 years... finally I have realised I need help, I want help... currently I am on medication which is not helping and am waiting to start counseling at the clinic and then I am hoping that it will has is too short to waste it on this evil friend.... I am sad most of the time when she is present and feel I have no control over her... the thing that scares me the most is that nobody ever will have enough control over her.....But I keep telling myself tomorrow will be better....tomorrow she will finally decide to go and leave me alone...once and for all...

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