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being bulimic ... is giving up everything you have worked for in your life !

by noha
(cairo egypt)

okay , it's actually the first time to ever talk about this . But I know after writing this that I will feel much better and it would help me in my recovery journey , as It's already my first day !!pray for me ;) ! well first , my name is Noha , I'm almost 17 years old . I have a great life , I believe that . I'm an athlete , I play basketball , and I used to be a main player in my team , I get good grades in school , I have amazing family and friends . But since bulimia entered my life , and I almost lost most of my friends , I'm no more a main player in my team , I gave up my summer studying because I can no longer study as I am always obsessed about food . I've had anorexia since last september and then followed by bulimia since december . Maybe that's not a long time for most of you , but for me that was the worst time in my life! I feel isolated! I used to binge and purge 3-4 times everyday . and thank god I've found you shaye by coincidence, it's like god had sent you to me to save me before it's too late :) ! I am 176 cm tall and I weigh x kg , so I am ready to gain weight just to recover from it ( but i hope not to be more than x kg :D ) good luck for all of you , and good luck for me :D
P.S : it's my first day and I already feel great :)

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