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Begginers Luck?

by Holly

Dear Shaye,

I've recently decided I'm way too fat and ugly for todays society and my school. I'm aware it's awful and you shouldn't do it but I'm hoping you of all people will understand.. Well, lets see one day I decided I was going to do something about my weight problem (im 150!:0) and I figured I would try all my friends ways of becoming skinny. You see, In my school almost allll the girls are anorexic. My friend Kate went from 150 to 120 in like two months! That's like great!

I decided I would try this and follow all there guidelines (no more than 500 calories a day.if you eat any fat cals you must burn them off.) Needless to say I loved my food way to much too stick to that. So I took a different approach. I'll eat, but I'll purge it all. The following day when I ate I threw it all up. No problem.

The next day, no matter how hard I tried nothing would come out! I gulped water, drank salt water and nothong would make me vomit:( But, about a week later I finally threw up a whole meal! Needless to say I couldn't throw up anything a while after that. I know how bad ed are for your health, but I am really disguisted with myself and have no one to turn to. Will you please help me? Please?


Shaye Says

Hi Holly!

Please, trust me on this one... Bulimia is no way to lose weight! What will happen is that in time, you'll gradually become more and more obsessed with food! Eventually, it will fill your every thought! That's what bulimia does! Bulimia can actually make you gain weight because it can make you binge on so much food!

The best thing you could do is to talk to somebody older about the situation you're in... Do you have a teacher or a parent you feel comfortable talking to? Please look for some help now... The sooner you get help, the better.

Bye for now,

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