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Awful Mood Swings with bulimia?

by Sara

Does anyone else out there experience drastic mood swings after purging? I've noticed that when I binge/purge at night, the following day, I'm extremely moody. I can go from sad to angry in one split second. I'm very withdrawn from others and just want to be left alone for the entire day. I also experience crying spells and a lot of guilt because I was too "weak" and couldn't resist the urge to binge.

I've tried hard to act normal the following day and not be such a b*tch to the rest of the world. I'm so tired of this damn illness. It's so exhausting to continue hiding it and I'm also feeling like my body has had enough and will give up on me one day soon.

Today, I just feel hopeless and that I'll never marriage is suffering big time because of the bulimia. I have so much to lose, yet that's not enough to make me stop. I just want to feel at peace with myself....

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