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arrhythmia and bulimia: How To Prevent a Bulimia Heart Attack

The thought of arrhythmia and bulimia used to cause a churning mess of nerves inside my stomach...

It scared me so much.

On this page you can learn how to protect your heart by drinking the heart healthy smoothie I used in my recovery.

But first, I'm going to tell you the story of my experience with arrhythmia and bulimia.

I knew that the severity of my binging and purging put me at risk...

I was throwing up at least 15 times a day. How could that not have serious bulimia side effects?

Most of the time I tried to push the link between arrhythmia and bulimia to the back of my mind... I'd try from time to time to digest something healthy that would nourish my body and keep me safe... But it was just too hard - if I didn't purposely throw up, my body would make it happen when I was sleeping... Or worse, while I was talking to somebody!

Food was so used to coming up, that keeping it down felt like an impossible dream.

I had awful visions of my mom finding me dead, lying in a puddle of my puke. What a way for her to discover my secret.

Although I tried not to think of arrhythmia and bulimia that often, every night as I went to sleep I'd have the same thought...

"Lord, please... If you get me through the night, I promise tomorrow will be different... I'll never binge and purge again!"

I did make it through the night... But I wasn't able to keep my promise of not bingeing and purging....

By 8am each day I'd given up, pushed my fears of a bulimia heart attack to the back of my mind and binged and purged.


"Discomfort + Action = Change"

By the time I reached my 20's, my bulimia was at it's worst ever. My heart wasn't faring well...

Sometimes I'd get knocked over by the pain... The feeling of a knife stabbing into my heart.

Other times my heart would race, slow down, become quiet and then pound heavily in my chest.

I knew it was a result of electrolyte imbalances and bulimia.

Fears and obsession of arrhythmia and bulimia ruled over my mind. I was terrified of death... I felt like I hadn't truly lived yet!

It got to the point that my life was a living hell. I had to change.

I've heard the saying before "Discomfort + Action = Change" and this summarizes the start of my recovery perfectly.

Bulimia and my fear of death caused such severe discomfort in my life. I decided to take action... and this resulted in slow, but steady change.

First I started researching online. Looking for ways that I could try recover on my own...

Then I started seeing a counselor...

Then I took recovery into my own hands and starting experimenting and testing bulimia self help tips... Some which flopped big time and others which resulted in definite progress.

Much of what I learnt in my recovery journey makes up the information I share in The Bulimia Recovery Program and online community that I run. My recovery was a roller coaster, that's for sure - but I wouldn't change it for the world...

It lead me to recovery and to the opportunity to help others recover too :)


How I kept my heart safe in bulimia recovery

My recovery was full of ups and downs, relapses, triggers, weight gain, frustration, hope, progress, more downs, more progress and so on... It was a journey that took time and I had to be patient...

I had one problem though - being patient was difficult when I was scared of having a heart attack!

So I began to research how to keep my heart as safe as possible while I was in recovery. The solution I came up with was to have an electrolyte replenishing smoothie each night before bed... That way it could digest as I slept.

At first, I had an incredibly hard time digesting this smoothie...

I would burp it up over and over again... But I'd make sure to swallowed it right back down. I tried to focus on how it would heal my body and protect my heart.

Gradually, my body got more used to digesting and I was able to keep the smoothie down without any problems... I was so proud of myself!

You can relate to that right?

After working on my recovery for about a year I felt like I had completely beaten bulimia. I felt like I was a normal eater! I had not binged and purged in months and my digestive system had more or less returned to normal...

But best of all - I could go to sleep at night and close my eyes with a smile... Gone were my nightmares of arrhythmia and bulimia!

That feeling of peace was incredible.... In fact, it's still incredible 6 years on :)

Bulimia recovery can seem like a distant dream - but I swear to God it is possible. It was possible for me and it is possible for you.

Set your mind on recovery and keep taking baby steps until you get there...

...and during your recovery journey, please drink the healthy heart smoothie below...

It protected me and it will help to protect you too.


Healthy Heart Smoothie Recipe


eating disorders in children

Blend all of the ingredients above in a blender...

Pour into a nice glass and drink slowly - savoring each sip. Focus on how this smoothie is racing around your body healing and repairing... Focus on how it is making your stronger.

If you find it hard to keep anything down, like I did... Then drink this smoothie before bed so that you can digest it while you sleep :)



P.S. Remember what I said about how ACTION was a key part of my recovery... Well it will be a key part of your recovery too...

Do one thing today that moves you in the direction of bulimia recovery. It can be making this healthy heart smoothie and keeping it down, booking to see a therapist or joining my bulimia recovery program and community.

What you decide to do is up to you... What feels right? What's something that is challenging but you feel capable of doing. Nudge yourself gently in that direction! Recovery is worth it - I promise!



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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