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Are slips part of bulimia recovery?

Hi Shaye,

I have been tring to recover from bulimia for years. I can confidentley say I am beginning to have more healthy days then binge purge days. I realised last night after a binge purge session I was able to get out of the viscious circle a lot quicker and get back to structured eating. Is this part of recovery? Previously the viscious cycle would engulf me for days and nights of binging and purging. I really want to beat this but have realised this does not happen just overnight.

I am intrigued do you suddenly just get out of this viscious cycle with practice and relearning the behaviour?

best wishes


Shaye Says

Hi Sharon!

Having more healthy days than binge and purge days is a sure sign of progress on your recovery journey! It's the little steps over time that add up and really help to get you there... Even if it takes time. Your progress is awesome - and you must give yourself credit for your hard work!

You're right when you say recovery doesn't happen overnight... It can take months, even years... But... every step forward is a step in the right direction. Being in bulimia recovery - no matter how long it takes - is better than being in the darkest throws of bulimia!

I believe that there are ways to speed up your bulimia recovery and re-learn new health behaviors... Practicing structured eating - 3 normal sized meals and 3 snacks a day is a good start... This nourishes the brain and makes it much more capable of recovering and rewiring itself into new and healthy habits.

Keep pushing forward Sharon - even baby steps will get you there in time!

Wishing you health, happiness and recovery!


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