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An old lady gave me her seat because she thought I was pregnant!

Hi there!
I have been binging and purging for the last 13 years(I am 32 years old)
Now its been almost 4 months that I did not B/P. I feel great about being freed from the chains of bulumia though the bloating does not make my life easier these days. No matter how much water I drink or how healthy I eat, the bloating goes worse and worse. I know that it will stop at some point but it does frustrate me at times. The other day one old lady gave me her seat at the bus because she thought that I was pregnant. First I felt like this was the end of the world but at a second thought, I decided to make fun of the situation and told the story to the whole world(on FB). It was real fun. People's comments about how blind/crazy/old/stupid/etc the old lady was and how I look great made me feel soo happy about myself. BUT, 5 days after this happened, another lady again gave me her seat at the bus (this time I did not say anything and just took advantage of the situation and took the seat!!). I am not very happy about my pregnancy look right now but I do know that this will come to an end at one point and when it does, I will be the most healthy I've ever been since I was 17 years old!!
Keep calm and carry on ladies!!!

Shaye Says

Keep calm and carry on - you got it beautiful girl! The bloating will subside, trust in that magnificent body of yours. You may find that gluten aggravates the bloat (this is quite common) - I wouldn't recommend cutting out gluten (as restricting can trigger binge eating) - but perhaps explore gluten free breads and see if there are any you like, and if it seems to help :)

Also include lots of probiotic foods in your day, that should help speed along the healing :)

xx Shaye

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