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Am I recovering from bulimia?

Hi Shaye,

I've been bulimic for about 3 years, but extremely bulimic the last year or so. I'm heading to college this fall and the pressure's on to recover. My parents are so frustrated because they keep finding out that I am still bulimic. The last month or so, I've improved so much, actually KEEPING MEALS DOWN, but I've been throwing up "extra" snacking about once every other day. This is so much less than what i started with - approx 6 times a day. I thought I was doing better, but my parents are furious because they've found out again that I'm still throwing up. Period. They are withdrawing me from college, but I KNOW that I will be recovered by the time summer ends. Is this fair? Am I recovering? I thought I was, but now I'm not so sure. I've been "recovering" for the past year, but I've only been serious about it for the last few weeks, but my "serious" attack at recovery is still leading me to throw up so many times per week...


Shaye Says

Hi R.W.

I'm so sorry that your parents aren't more understanding about bulimia and recovery... It's hard for people who haven't 'been there, done that' to really get it...

But, the good news is that you are making leaps and bounds towards recovery! Reducing your binge and purge sessions as much as you have is massive progress! I really wish that they could see this!

Your bulimia has been years in the making... It is unrealistic to think that you can just 'stop' cold turkey! If your parents have a hard time understanding this - please direct them towards my website... It will help give them a better idea of how deep the effects of bulimia go - and how massive the progress your making actually is!

Keep up your awesome work... Remind yourself that just because your parents can't see your progress - doesn't mean you're not making it... It simply because they don't get it.

Keep in touch!


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