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am i really bulimic?

by elizabeth
(boston, ma )

just quit today from throwing up almost everyday for past 2 weeks...

I have not thrown up today and I will not let my self do it ever again. I really don't know how I even got into that state and it's still hard for me to believe it.... I have always been a little overly weight conscious for at least the past 2 years... But I mostly just exercised a lot and ate small portions. I was not underweight or anything I was normal weight or slim I guess. Ever since about January I have put on about X pounds due to lack of control in my diet. But i never ever imagined or even considered purging as a way to lose weight or anything. I thought it was a terrible thing to do and the feeling of throwing up even from just being sick from the stomach flu or something like that feels miserable to me..
But I think this habit started from one incident where I over ate sooo much that I could not stand it and turned to purging one night. It felt miserable and it didn't happen again after that until about 2 weeks ago...

but is 2 weeks long enough to be considered fully bulimic?

will I see the extreme negative side effects of bulimia like others who have suffered from it for much longer?

If any one can help with an answer that'd be so helpful and I think it would help make my recovery less stressful in knowing what to expect.
thanks (:

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