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Am I going to recover?

Ive been suffering from bulimia for a very long time …I have done hypnotherapy , counseling and about 6 months ago I stated seeing my current therapist and stated taking antidepressants. Things were going well and I was binging and purging only a couple times a week, but for the past month it all came back binging three times a day, everyday ...again and again and again! At this time I decided not to purge at least not every time I eat. I thought maybe if I start noticing that I was gaining weight it would make me stronger to stop. Well this definitely didn’t happen I’m about 5kg heavier, unhappy and lost. I don’t know where to get strength to restart my recovery. I have tried so many times and after while it comes back. I cant do it anymore I'm over.

I like reading about people who recovered I'd love to experience this freedom !!!!!!!!!

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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