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Am I fat or am I thin ??

by Agnes
(England )

I look in the mirror and what do I see??
A fat person staring straight back at me.
I step onto the scales day by day hoping
that the number goes down, but instead
It goes higher, my heart states pounding
I start getting hot and begin to panic.
I jog for 3 hours solid hoping to get rid of that fat.

I have control over my eating unlike my life.
I have a new best friend, the scales.
They help me get thought day by day and don't lie to me.

Mirror mirror on the wall, am I fat or am I thin ??
Can you see he pain that lies within??
Is my mask still on?? I can't see accurately.
Am I fat or am I thin??

Am I ugly or am I fine?? Is this reflection really within.
Am I well or am I week??

The toilet keeps me company after meal times, and doesn't
tell anyone the little secret.

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