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Am I Bulimic?

I'm 17 and just started throwing up. I just don't feel like its the same as everyone else though. its very off and on. one week I can be fine and the next I will do it everyday. I don't binge that often. I only feel the need if iv eaten a lot of junk food. Im kinda a health freak. I guess im just very confused and scared its only been going on for a month. The thoughts have been even longer though. Its addicting and pleasing at the same time and very frustrating! I feel like I need to lose weight and this is the only way to do it. But I also know that this is vary early and im not even sure if this will turn into anything as serious as some of the things I have been reading. If anyone feels like this is how the beginning was for them please tell me. Im just not sure about anything right now.

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