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Almost half of my lifetime

by Deanna
(USA )

I've been suffering with bulimia since I was 12. I'm sure it started because being skinny was the most important thing in my family. I never thought it was doing any real harm since I never had any extreme health issues until a few years ago. I tried to stop since I knew it was starting to get out of control and my teeth were so rotted that I was constantly in pain. Not to mention I spend half my day binging and purging so I didn't have time for much else. It got to the point that I didn't have to use my finger anymore, my body was so used to throwing up that I couldn't even keep down water. I finally came clean to my family and friends which I think was the most important step. After that I just had to eat things like oatmeal so it was easy on my stomach, I even had to hold my mouth shut and count to 10 so I could keep it down. It was either break this habit or die for me at this point. It took almost a month of eating until I started to feel normal again, sure I gained some weight but the rest of me looked so good. I thought I had acne my whole life but now my skin is so clear......minus all the scaring. I also grew some boobs that I must not have had enough nutrition for before. I would say the main things that helped were shelled pumpkin seeds, I would let myself binge on those and it really helped with bloating and keeping my flow going also lots of water! It's only been a couple years since I started to try to get better and about 6 months that I have been normal with a few slip ups but I'm so proud of myself and much happier. If you haven't stopped yet I would start trying the prolonged use cost me $15000 in dental bills :(. Also as far as diet goes in recovery, try to stay meat and gluten free, it helps so so so much! Good luck and if I can do it so can you!

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