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Allys bulimia recovery journey

by Ally


You are incredible. You have inspired me more than you can imagine, I just woke up one day and stopped with the nonsense, I am nearing into a week without worrying about what I eat, or about socialising around food or even eating once "forbidden" foods (i love butter and chocolate and cheese and chips :) ).

It was reading your site and hearing about the life after recovery answer that you gave to my question. I thought "I want that too". I know i'm not healed, I know I have just started, but I feel so good right now that I am feeling positive and excited to be where you are today.

Thank you, thank you just doesn't seem enough. I dont know how you find the time to keep up with this website, but just please know, you are really inspiring and helping people all over who just want to escape from this terrible disease.

Thank you
Ally X

Shaye Says

Hi Ally!

I find the time to keep it up because when I get messages like your one - it renews all my energy and passion! I get so happy and excited - because I know the journey you've started on - and I know how amazing it is! Yes, there are ups and downs in it... Yes, there are slips... Yes, there can be bloating... BUT... through all that... You know the path you're on is one that leads to recovery - which is so incredibly beautiful!

The only way I can describe bulimia recovery is - true freedom... Truly amazing freedom!

I'd love it if you kept in touch throughout your journey.... throughout the ups and downs... The fear and excitement... and, the ultimate freedom! Your stories will be so inspiring to me!

Stay in touch and keep up your amazing work!


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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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