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after so many tries finally recovery begins but what about farting?:))

by sahra

I've been bulimic almost seven years and i have tried to give it up for more than TWO YEARS. but guess what it just happened this month in real terms. I've tried and tried but so many setbacks always happened and made me think that it will never go away, my biggest secret and enemy. Now I am not doing that and definitely feel fantastic. actually i am more positive and do not give any tiny importance except from my recovery process.:)

I've just graduated from college and decided to take a couple of months to take off because I always failed in recovery when I feel a pressure on myself and when i have to do something... Now first me,second me, third me... just me. believe me this is perfect although i have spent so many years thinking about others rather than me, and taking care of others, sacrifice myself and being flawless...Now i am doing pretty well but I just have a question...

Does anyone have a big problem about passing gas? because it's really overmuch. Actually i have been trying to heal myself for 6 months with slips but this month farting came into existence excessively.

Shaye Says

Hi Sahra!

Well done on your recovery journeys so far - I am so happy that you are making you your priority!

And to your question... yes, farting is very common in recovery! So is bloating. The digestive system has been thrown out of balance after years of bingeing and purging and it takes time to settle down...

A lot of the gas is due to not having enough healthy bacteria in your gut. You can eat homemade yoghurt or kefir to help with this. Just make sure it's not heat treated from the store as this has normally had the healthy bacteria killed.

keep up your great work!


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