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After a binge and purge?


I was wondering what recommendations you have for what to do after a binge/purge to prevent it from happening again.

I am trying to recover with the help of a counselor and dietician, but I'm not perfect and still binge/purge sometimes.

My natural reaction is to restrict eating after, but I know this generally leads to the whole cycle just starting again.

Shaye Says

Hi there!

You hit the nail on the head... restricting just leads to the whole bulimic cycle happening over again!

Once your body and mind gets used to the fact that: 'Hey, this is cool, I actually get fed 3 times a day' it will gradually let go of the need to binge.

My first recommendation after a binge/purge is to relax... Don't hit yourself up about it...


Try figure out why you had the urge to binge in the first place...
How were you feeling? Had something upset you? Pissed you off? Were you anxious or excited about something?

Once you've figure it out... Make a plan for what you'll do next time you feel this way...

Maybe you could ring up a mate for a chat... Listen to your favorite music... Go for a walk... Do Whatever it takes to make you feel happy and enable the urge to pass.

I found that this really helped during my recovery... I hope that you find it helps you too!

All the best :)


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