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Advice on relapse

by Louise
(Dallas. Tx )

I've been bulimia free for about a month now and I've been feeling great! I'm so happy and proud but today I relapsed. I have no idea why but I just lost control I feel so guilty. It felt so different than it used too. I hated it. I cant believe I did that every day for three years! I just need some advise on how to get back on track and feel less guilty. I want to do this for me and get healthy and be bulimia free for good. I love your workbook because it has helped me realize I wasn't the only one out there and your story helped me get better. I'm still on my way and I know I will get there one day.

Shaye Says

Hi Louise!

1 month is awesome - well done on that!!!

Please, don't feel guilty for slipping... Slips, relapses, speedbumps - they are all very natural in bulimia recovery! Remember, you are walking unchartered ground - it's natural for things to take time :)

Trust me, you deserve to feel very proud of yourself!

Your question inspired me to write an article about how to push through slips and relapses to reach bulimia recovery... It's got 2 tips I used almost every day in my recovery... You can read it here:

Bulimia Relapses: 2 Tips to help you push through slips and fast track your Recovery...

I hope it inspires you to give yourself a high 5 and to keep pushing forward!

Keep in touch :)


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