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by Maureen

Hi, Shaye
First of all you are doing a superb job, may God bless you

Its been recent since I became bulimic nearly a year but at the start of this year 2013 I had no choice but to give up on bulimic as it used to consume most of my educational time binging, as well as my whole family found out. When I used to binge I used to drink hot water after purging all that meal of X calories and above, however since January 2013 I have tried hard in recovering I still have a slip like since then I have purged 4- 8 times, but I have gained a lot of weight I was X KG now I am X KG and my height 5ft 9inch (160-163cm).. My clothes don't fit me I am a X sized now and I eat a lot of calories but I try not to purge for e.g the other day I had like 8 chocolate chip cookies the big soft once and 6-7 bread slices with butter and still more food, hence I wanted to know what to do as even though I dont feel hungry I keep eating :'( and because I work at McDonalds I eat a lot more now cups and cups of chocolate and fried and oily food and junk and at times I skip meals. When I don't work I eat for hours or days when I try to control by just one meal and the rest food but it goes wrong I don't know what to do and how to fight with myself I can never control my portion size also I have lost my periods in July 2012 its nearly been a year now I take herbal medicines to get them back but its not working I dont know what to do will my periods ever come back ?? also I overeat so much will I gain twice as much as weight ?? or is it an normal process for my body to get back on the weight it used to be ?? On top I try to drink two or 2+ litre of hot water and a couple of .5 litre of cold water during the day.

Regards, Maureen

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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