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About nine weeks free of binging or purging


I feel absolutely amazing. Basically since my Mum found out I was bulimic and so I feel I can talk to someone, I haven't had any bulimic urge. Just been reading some of the things on your page and I can't believe how similar we all are! I literally was acting the whole time for the past two years. Hiding from people, hiding from reality, hiding from LIFE.

Finally, I feel like I can find out who I actually am again because I used to define myself as a bulimic, selfish, moody good-for-nothing!

I obviously still feel incredibly insecure but exercising has really helped me. After I've been for a run, there is no way I'm going to stuff my face then throw up, undoing all the good that strenuous exercise did!

I FEEL SO ALIVE. It bodes well because I'm doing exams at the moment. I can actually concentrate. I am in a good mood. I'm being nice to the people I love. I'm working up the strength to apply for good internships. I'm aiming high. I'm shrugging off that incessant feeling of self-hatred. Slowly but surely.

All I have to say is thank you for your help and I hope to god I manage to keep up my swimming and running and stay off the self-destructive path!

I really thought it was for life but you're right. IT'S NOT

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