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A sign of Bulimia - Thinking you're fat when you're thin

by Shaye

Me, when I was bulimic (I thought I was fat!)

Me, when I was bulimic (I thought I was fat!)

A sign of bulimia is definitely thinking you're fat when you're not...

Or even focusing on areas you think are too fat - even if it isn't your entire body you're worried about. Obsessing over those areas until all you can see is them...

When I was bulimic I had a lot of people tell me that I was getting too thin. Even my sports coach told me that I needed to put on some weight...

I didn't believe anybody. When I looked in the mirror - I saw a big butt and inner thighs that were too lose together. My bulimia-brain made me focus on those areas until all I could see was my imperfections.

I thought I was fat. Now that I have recovered, I know that I wasn't. I'v put on a good 8kg's since I was bulimic - and I am still far from fat... I am rather slim!

To show you what I mean I have attached a photo from when I was bulimic. I remember the time this photo was taken... I thought I was revolting. I thought that I was out of proportion - my bum was too big and my thighs too fat.

I'm the girl in the stripey top... on the left. As you can see - I was very thin. Too thin.

The funny thing is - I remember wishing I was as thin as my friend Kaitlyn (shes the girl on the right) I remember thinking that I was much bigger than she was...

Looking back at this picture I can see how distorted my self image was... I was actually much thinner than Kaitlyn.

So, one of the signs of bulimia to definitely look out for is distorted body image. People thinking they're fat when they're not...

Just like I did.

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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